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Ararna provide payer focused market access solutions, incorporating analysis and marketing materials, aligned to brand development and design. We are able to share our extensive payer network and understanding across numerous therapy areas to establish valuable communication and payer relationships.


Services can include one or more of the following:

• End to end market access solutions

• Development of interactive payer value propositions

• Creating Burden of Disease reports and notification processes

• Conducting USP and competitor analysis

• Facilitation of advisory boards and payer forums

• Customer Testing Services (BHBIA certified consultants)

• ABPI certified

• Stakeholder mapping

• Environmental analysis and scenario planning

• Pathway redesign

• Market access team development

• Account management

• Commissioning expertise

• Budget impact and health economic modelling

• Digital tool and APP development

• Formulary documentation

• Operational strategies

• Knowledge of governance and approval requirements (e.g. Zinc)

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Vince Holder - Allergan UK

National Pricing and Reimbersement Manager

'Ararna use their knowledge to create programmes and training that are fit for purpose and affordable. That is why i consult Ararna every time i face a new challenge.'

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    'Ararna Limited combine their knowledge of organisational development, managing change and the NHS reforms to create programmes and training for clients that are fit for purpose and affordable. Their breadth of knowledge & experience means that there are very few situations that they have not been able to develop a solution for in consultation with their customers; Private, Public or Voluntary sector. That is the reason why I consult Ararna every time I face a new challenge; whatever role I have had within the pharmaceutical industry.'


Fergus McCallum - Sanofi

Head of Pharmacy Partnerships UK

'They are able to rapidly absorb complex briefs, deliver against tight deadlines in a timely, accurate and implementable manner.'

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    'Ararna have supported my activities for about 6 years. They are able to rapidly absorb complex briefs on different disease areas impacting secondary or primary case scenarios. The accept tight deadlines and deliver against them. They unlike many agencies submit very regular interim pieces of work for comment and take any changes on board and rapidly incorporate them to any company that needs complex pieces of work related to pharmacy, medicines management or commissioning delivered in a timely, accurate and implementable manner.'


"we deliver."

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